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DocType Bin data not accessible

I’m trying to get the list of Item that are there in Bin List.
to get an Item from Bin using frappe.get_list(), first i have to get it to locals using frappe.db.get_value() because frappe.db.get_list() gives argument error.

1: The script that i’m trying to write is
frappe.db.get_list(‘Bin’, filters={‘item_code’: ‘PM097’}, fieldname=[‘valuation_rate’]) , but here i get an error stating TypeError: execute() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘item_code’ , where the item_code is a column name in Bin.

2: Write now i get values using
frappe.db.get_value(‘Bin’, filters={‘item_code’: ‘PM097’}, fieldname=[‘valuation_rate’]) , but here this only gives me the very latest value and not all the entries found in the list with the Item_code = ‘PM097’.

how can i get the entire list from Bin doctype list using filters and selecting a specific one whenever required.

Use frappe.db.get_all Documentation

Thanks for the help @Javier_Lopez.
While checking for other options i discovered
frappe.db.get_list(‘DocType’, {filters: {‘fieldname’: value}, fields: [‘fileds_to_received’] , this one worked after replacing the = with :

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