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Docker Swarm + Portainer: Frappe only, need ERPNext

I followed the installation instructions for Docker Swarm since I already had another container for another app running on my Digital Ocean droplet.

I now have a plain Frappe site running and I feel like I’m missing the instructions to get ERPNext installed with it. I logged in to get started, expecting to be able to add modules in and then realized ERPNext just straight up did not come with all that ERPNext configuration I thought I was prepping for.

In the Docker environment, it doesn’t seem I have access to bench or any of the other commands I’ve seen suggested for different approaches to installation.

I did a lot of troubleshooting to get this far and now have a successful Frappe site running, but I have no clues as to how to proceed from here! Is there one last installation manual I’m somehow missing? Did I fudge something to somehow not get ERPNext by following these instructions?

I appreciate the guidance :smiley:

Can you send output of docker ps output?

If you followed this then INSTALL_APPS variable may be missing.

Check the new site creation operation

bench is combination of frappe/bench commands and some commands internal to frappe source code ->

Certain bench commands are available, exec into the container and run bench --help from the ~/frappe-bench/sites directory itself.

Adding the INSTALL_APPS in my Portainer container worked perfectly! I’ve attached a screenshot of my Portainer settings in case anyone else comes through with the same question in the future.

I had to delete the old database and site folder under /var/www/html/sites/ first for the “add site” container to run, but after that, it went as expected!

I am still not finding this but it seems that I do not need it for now, so I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it!

exec into erpnext-python container to run bench helper commands.

I think you are in erpnext-nginx container

sites directory is common volume mounted in both containers.

Aha! This did it! Thank you so much for all your help today. I am sure I’ll be back around at some point with more questions but so far it looks like I have the software up and running and it’s time to learn the front-end elements.