[Docker] service "configurator" didn't completed successfully: exit 127


I’m trying to install some specific version of erpnext and frappe. v13.18.0

When I run docker as per the instructions here

I get below error,

May I know how to resolve this?

check the error logs for the failing containers.

i don’t think configure.py exists in v13.18.0.

you may have to change the container command to use bench set-config instead.

@revant_one Thanks for the reply!

When you say change the container command, did you mean I should edit the Dockerfile?

I checked the logs and found below,

So should I edit the below part? May I know from which code should replace this?

Would this change apply to installing all the older versions, such as V12?

images built after this PR have configure.py Global refactoring by vrslev · Pull Request #617 · frappe/frappe_docker · GitHub

use custom command/script like create-site command from pwd.yml

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Thanks. I will try that.