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Display new module icon on Desk

To display a new module on desk you need two steps:

  1. Create get_data function in that return where you want frappe to display you’re icon on the Desk.
    Say you want to add you’re module to the modules section you would add the following:
	return [
			"module_name": "Events",
                        "category": "Modules",
			"color": "blue",
			"icon": "octicon octicon-file-directory",
			"type": "module",
			"label": _("Events")

Notice category key, if you want to add your module to another section, Administration for example, you would change "category": "Administration" and that’s it.

Now If you reload Desk, nothing will change!
frappe needs another file for this to work, you need to create another get_data function in that tells frappe what links or pages this icon will show, for example:

def get_data():
	Add evetns module to desk home screen.
	return [
			"label": _("Events"),
			"icon": "octicon octicon-briefcase",
			"items": [
					"type": "doctype",
					"name": "Custom Event",
					"label": _("Custom Event"),
					"description": _("Custom Events Module Description."),

This adds a link to DocType Custom Event in the Events module icon on Desk.
Hope this helps.


is it applicable for v13? i tried but no luck