Display depends on property for column break doc field


I am evaluating some value in “display depends on” of “column break” field of doc type. But it is not working. Is there any reason for this?

Even On date type doc field it is not working.

Can you share the “condition” which you have added in display depends on property for fieldtype “Column Break” and “Date”

I am adding

eval: doc.dob!==null || doc.dob!=="" || doc.dob!==undefined

and the dob field is date of birth field of type date




tried… not working

Both fields are in the same doctype?

yes… in same doc type

I think multiple conditions not works in display depends on
you can use custom script for this.

even single condition is not working… eval:doc.dob … this is not working

eval:doc.dob == “13/07/2018”

Try this.