Display custom report for customers in the portal


I have created a new doctype and a report for customers with their service data from that doctype.

Is there a way that I can display this report to customers in their login area on the portal ?

Help appreciated

Instead of displaying the report, maybe you could try to create a web form based on your doc type & display data using it.


Have you checked Website Settings

you can provide option for report on Top bar

Instead of modifying in login page or setting custom page as a home page.


add you report option in Top Bar table

Thanks Pawan

Displaying a web form will not solve the problem since I need to creat a list of service items, where the item is created using the doctype by our employee staff.
the customer logs in to the portal views the list of service items and clicks to print any item details.
Is the possible ???

Thanks Sangram,

I will try your suggestion
Can I display page with list of itmes that the user can click item to display report of that item?

for that, you have to design the page. Instead of you can provide the option (as I suggested above) for Listview. Which redirects you to listview (But for that login is required)

So the list view will requier user login to desk not just only portal ? is this what you mean?

If I create page any guid to help me start on the path.



Please refer Web Page

I know I’m asking too much

The link does not provide any coding samples to create a list from a doctype in the web page . where to find samples of such work.

appreciate your time

Can any of the community members guide me through the right path!!!

If you want to create a custom page with your own logic. You can do so by creating a folder in the www directory. You can use jinja templating for logic.

Look at other pages for reference:

Thank netchampfaris

I will look into it.