[Discussion] Cities for ERPNext Events

Hello all,

We had a very successful event in Frankfurt last month, and one of the things that came out of the discussions in the foundation is that we should more events in more cities. This will enable deep community bonds, sharing of ideas and knowledge.

For hosting an event, we need at least some local community and leadership in hosting and evangelising the event and helping with the logistics. We can propose to the foundation to sponsor part of the cost.

One or 2 members from the core developer team will also fly down to attend. I think Singapore, Dubai, Lagos, Bangalore, Pune might be good choices

If you are interested hosting such an event in your city maybe in June, July, August, please reply to this post!


Can we do this in Abuja/Lagos Nigeria?


Hi Mehta.
Are you interested in San Pedro Sula, Honduras? I think than this is a good region for the open source.

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I am in touch with @keshav @JayRam @vineet_saraogi as we often meetup!

Anyone else in Bangalore! Please let me know.


Maybe the teams can also create a chapter in their city or country so that the chapter can help with organising + logistics? :slight_smile: in the long run, the foundation can also tap into these Chapters to evangelize for Erpnext in their locality + host their own code camps, sprints and developer trainings.


Lagos is awesome - We also have @wale and @Chude_Osiegbu who can organize this. Let us do this - if all Lagos / Nigeria users can come together and work out the logistics, it wold be great.[quote=“Basawaraj_Savalagi, post:5, topic:22809”]
Anyone else in Bangalore! Please let me know.

@Basawaraj_Savalagi you know you have my open invitation for this!

Do you think we can get 20 devs to come in? Maybe start a local meetup to gaute interest :slight_smile:

Yes we can also do that. How should it be structured? Should each country make its own Google group?

@rmehta We could do it here in the Philippines :slight_smile:


Hi @rmehta

Sounds awesome. You know we’re definitely in… long overdue in fact :slight_smile:

Kind regards,

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We can host local meet up in Pune, India.
We have space for hosting meet up, developer workshop, user training and location is very convenient for travelling.

So if someone from Pune want to contact me, he can email me at sam@digitalprizm.net
Also someone want to arrange meet up in Pune, then I can help, we have meet up group with 200+ members

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I’d be happy to help out in either Boston, MA or Krakow Poland!

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Doesn’t necessarily have to be a Google group. :slight_smile: But there should be a chapter head/President who’ll be in charge in reporting to and coordinating with the foundation. The chapter can have their own group/slack channel/social media group and an organisational structure that conforms with the foundation. Maybe we can have a meeting for this in the future? Someone might have experience in how Google Developers Group or other organisations handle their local chapters. :slight_smile:


We at OSS can also help if it will be in the Philippines.


Hi @rmehta, our company ePillars is based in Dubai and believe in ERPNext as a solution and in ERPNext Team, would be interested in such events, please let me know how to move forward with this ?

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Hi Mehta

This is Thiagu from Singapore. Just joined to this ERNNext forum. I am exploring the ERPnext and it’s very impressive.
We may host such events in Singapore.

You may contact me @ +65-98787569.


I would be happy to help out in Boston/ New England area as well.

@tmatteson Awesome!

Perhaps we should post a separate thread seeing who’s around the area and would be interested.

Also need to think of a potential venue though we can cross that bridge when we get there