Discount in Sales Invoice

Why cannot we generate sales invoice with the discount amount in Items Table/grid view?

Check the following link, you may find it helpful

Thanks for the quick reply.

But, the issue here is;

  1. Discount % on Price List Rate of an Item: It will only display the % of discount allowed, and not the actual amount of discount allowed. So, there will be no indication of the discount allowed on each item of sale.
  2. Discount on Net & Grand Total: Additional Discount field will only appear in the Total section where it will only display the % of discount allowed or the actual amount of discount allowed.

So, if a custom field is added as Discount (Rs.), that will resolve all the issues. Even if we take the input in Percentage in the custom field, the output must be in Currency while generating the invoice.

Hope you got the whole point.

Yes you are right, right now there is no field to display the Discounted Amount per item (Price List rate - Rate)* Qty

please create a GIT hub issue for this feature. it’s not a big change and can be fulfilled quickly.


I have a related query, in case of additional discount we can use percentage as well as fixed amount, is there any option to add fixed discount account in line item.

currently there is percentage discount option only.

What we need is a fixed discount option at item level.

Currently we are using additional discount (fixed amount) option for that.

Any inputs ?

That’s quite easy. just Add 1 custom field for Item wise discount and use custom script to calculate it’s % Discount and wise versa.

in this way you can use Item wise % discount as well as item wise fixed discount.