Discount By Amount on Individual items on Main rate

I know there is Discount percentage on each individual items in sales invoice ,
But thats on price list rate , and that changes the actual rate , showing the rate as less in print.

Also if the price list rate is undefined and you enter the rate, discount does not reflect.

Also is there a way to discount by a amount on the main rate??

So it will show the actual rate , then discount amount and then the final amount for each item.

IF not then if i add a custom field how will i calculate the discount. custom script?
Can anyone help me with that please.


Yes. You can apply discount on the Net Total and Grand Total as well.

Hi @umair

How do you apply discount amount (not percentage) on individual items and not on all items? I believe that’s actually what @kt2152 was asking


@kt2152 I believe this has been fixed in V11 so maybe you just be a bit more patient till its released on the master branch