Disabling New Version Popup

Referencing How to turn off nagging notification about new version

Is there any option at all to turn it off completely? This really is quite irritating for both users and System Managers.

Thanks guys.


Here my solution

I create a custom app. Then I create js file and put it on public/js then include it in app_include_js in hooks.py
here the content

$(document).on('startup', () => {
        method: "custom_app.disable_check_update.remove_update_notification"

then I create disable_check_update.py inside custom_app/custom_app folder
here the content

import frappe

    def remove_update_notification():
    cache = frappe.cache()
    cache.set_value("update-info", "")

the idea is remove update data before being displayed without editing core file. The update data are saved in cache with name “update-info”

tested on version 12