Different Tax Code per Journal Line Item

Hi Team, All,

I have a situation where I have to book a journal similar to the one below


Each expense line on the JE/Invoice requires a different tax code due to the nature of the expense.

It’s not clear to me how to achieve this in ERPNext? Please assist.



Please check:


Thanks @umair, but it seems complex to me and I can’t seem to get it to work. See example below:

Sales Invoice with 3 Items

Definition in Service Item of Taxes Applicable

Update of Tax and Charges Master with 0% so that percentages from Item Tax come through. However, it does not seem to work. The tax break-up shows 0% taxes all through.

Can you please let me know what I’m doing wrong?

It seems to me to be much simpler to specify individual taxes applicable to Sales Invoice Items as illustrated in my original question.


Seems like you have added Item tax rates in Item master after adding those items in the Invoice. Can you please reselect those items in the Invoice and check again?