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Different Bom for same item


can i use multiple bom’s to manufacture a single item
case use
I use different Diameter and length to produce a single type of component
my part size is 55mm dia X 58.5mm length Shaft
for to manufacture this i may use any of the below raw material

  1. 56mm dia x 60mm length
  2. 58mm dia x 65mm length
  3. 60mm dia x 72mm length
  4. 62mm dia x 60mm length
    The part is made using any of the above available raw materials either in house or with stockist.
    this part is usually subcontracted
    How do i make a material transfer to the subcontract using any one of the above listed raw material
    Thanks and Regards


I haven’t used it or tested it, but you can define Item Alternatives in the system now. You can use these to replace items in BOMs, Work Orders and for subcontracting.

Manufacturer and Manufacturer Part Numbers