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Did ERPNext go from full offline to semi offline?


Was there any reason that ERPNext now requires us to be semi online for us to accesss page like the login page?


I can’t confirm your observation. accessing local ERPnext test instances every day and due to a bug in my LXD environment they are offline sometimes, which I only notice in case I want to run a bench update or so. Apart from exchange rates not being fetched (which I only notice in case I want to perform some multi-currency transactions) I see no limitations in usage when offline whatsoever.

So, can you specify your observation?


Hmm strange. what erpnext version are you using and on what os?

I have made a post earlier regarding this issue.

Based on that reply a couple of user also was experiencing this issue and has come to a conclusion that it checks a page online.


Anyone know (esp. devs) why erpnext needs online for selfhosting


It shouldn’t need it. This was a design mistake during development, in my opinion. I’m going to reply on that other thread, with some more thoughts.

But you’re correct, that’s how it’s now configured to behave. Wrongly, imo.