Developer mode - how to?


I’d like to duplicate a doctype but need to be in developer mode.

I went here and tried to do this through my vm but I don’t really know what I’m doing. I apologize for my ignorance regarding programming.

I found site_config.json but how do I add “developer_mode”: 1 to the object? When I typed it in, it said "command not found.


—if you are using Sublime text editor then refer following screenshot

—if you are using “Terminal”
1.Then open your “site_config.json”
2. go to your site i.e cd sites/ your site name
3.then enter command - vim site_config.json
4.Press “insert” button
5.type - “developer_mode”:1 “Esc” button and type- :wq and press ‘enter’ key (for save)
7. then check

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd

@shraddha Is there is a mistype in your instructions? In the screenshot for sublime the 1 is in quotes “1” however in vim you do not put it in quotes.

Hi @eamonn,
Sorry, In screen shot of sublime the 1 is in quotes.Bymistake it posted wrongly.
Actually , 1 should not have quotes.
i.e “developer_mode”:1


bench set-config developer_mode 1

Need help.

I tried with the above command on this VM (

then i did a “bench restart” or triggered the “reload” in the UI

I still can’t see the developer mode (assume it’s an icon).

any help? Thanks.

@ericmachine88 developer icon is available in master and develop to see all issues, developer mode only gives you more under development options and the ability to change the core setup / docs…

Developer module is accessible but administrator user only, unless otherwise mentioned…

Mostly if you installed from vm it’s in develop already, to make sure 100% go to:
Frappe-bench/sites/your site/site_config.json

Read the above fine to see if developer_mode 1 is there…


Hi Mark,

Noted. I could not see the site_config.json in the path below


Is that the correct path?

Once I change the config, do I need to “reload” or “bench restart”?


whats your site name?

i download the ova file from erpnext (in virtualbox)

the linux hostname is erpnext

any help? Thanks.

no, i mean your site inside the erp, what is the name?

mostly its called site1,local so you will find it in there…


i don’t have a site, as i use the virtualbox download from erpnext… anyway here’s the screenshot

@ericmachine88 you already logged in to the erp right? and made a company?

thats called a site / app

whats inside directory erpnext.vm

Thanks shraddha,
It helps me.

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