Dev notes for Journal Entry


I’m new to ERPNext and was looking through the code. Could you guys please clear a few things for me?

a) When we customize a form and make a new field, how do we get that field in our .py files? Like what do I use to reference that field? Do I manually connect to the database or do I call the name that I gave that account? If I use the name, how do I call?

b) Let’s say I’m making a new Journal Entry. How do I get the Account details in the code?
Like if I want to do anything with the an account party, I first call: self.get(“accounts”)
and get all rows and manage the rows one by one. If I want to get the party_type, I just call the d.party_type. But what I want to call the Account name or Account number… how would I do that?

Just as an example, consider that I went to Chart of Accounts, Chose an account and added a child. In that child form, I added a new “Phone Number” field giving it a unique name. How would I call that number from the file?

Thank you for reading this. Any help is appreciated :slight_smile: