Desktop icons are not available after logging in

i am logged in but late it does not show me any thing please help me to get desk

i did not encountered any error while installing and loging also but only in desk, i am seeing only erpnext logo what to do please any one help

Share your browser console error, if any

Hi @Aryan

A simple bench build followed by a refresh of your browser usually clears up such issues. If it persists after that, clear your browser cache (assuming you are not a POS user with unsynced invoices in your customer queue)


still i am facing same problem

Hi @Aryan,

you might be missing some dependencies. Can you try to run

$ bench update

or explicitly

$ bench update --requirements

This should resolve dependency issues as well as update the build. If that does not help, can you comment on last changes before this happened?

Other option to try, run

$ bench watch

I am not getting still


I have also faced same issue:

There are only two reasons for these errors"
1. You’re trying to setup development setup for master branch.
2. You have tried to setup existing erpnext and frappe apps master branch with develop branch in new system. (If you’ve custom app already installed in your ERP)

1.) Try to switch back to master branch using bench switch-to-master command(Execute this command in frappe-bench folder)

2.) If this is development server and there is no custom app installed by you then try these commands:
Remove your existing erpnext and frappe app using rm -rf command.
Then try to install new app from github using git clone --branch master inside app folder or bench get-app frappe --branch master inside frappe-bench folder.

i tried bench switch-to-master again it is facing same thing

Then try to remove the apps and clone the apps again with develop branch and then execute bench migrate.

Hope this will help.