Desktop icons and links not showing under Desk or Explore

Having funny problem and can’t get what’s going wrong.

  1. Added doctype and can’t see the link under Document section although DOCUMENT section is selected.
  2. Changed it to Child Table and still can’t see the link to that DocType.
  3. Changed it out of Child Table and still can’t see the link to that DocType.

How does frappe render the app listing? Other icon’s are showing but newly created are not showing.

Digging further figured out that is being called to run get_doctype_info and get list of available doctypes to display.

istable: 0 is filtered so if it is a child table then it is filtered out. The question then is is this information cleared only upon bench restart

Further details indicate that once you tick Is Child Table (istable: 1) then it dissappears from module view. Thereafter you tick istable off, it still remains hidden. Still trying to figure out where is it recording this istable value and not forgetting it?

I just created a Custom Doctype (not child), and found that link was added in the Setup section. Can you create a new Doctype and check if it works. Which version of ERPnext are you working on?

Yes new doctype works, but if you tick Is child table and then you tick it off it disappears and never shows up again,

Using on test environment

Installed Apps
ERPNext: v12.x.x-develop () (develop)

Frappe Framework: v12.x.x-develop () (develop)

Have tried to read the code and follow it but the code should allow it to be shown. Even after bench restart and init 6, it doesn’t show up again.

Yet to figure out which part of the code keeps it hidden.

The new doctype takes time to be visible on the Desk, so that’s not a problem. Problem is when it is changed to Child Table and back to non-child table. Looks like it’s storing this state somewhere.

For others who face similar issues. Note that when you update the icon in DocType and it doesn’t reflect in desktop, it’s because one has to remote it so that the record gets deleted from tabDesktop Icon table and then re-add to the desktop. Alternative is to update the icon in tabDesktop Icon table from values in tabDocType table. Joining column is tabDesktop Icon.label =