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[Design Request] Middle East Payroll and HR


We are Frappe are looking forward to add features specifically required for Middle East HR and payroll. Hence, inviting community members working in this space to help us identify the specific gaps. Once there is a proposal, we can further discuss it to validate it’s generic nature.

Will request community members to brief a feature with the use-case example, so that other members can understand it easily and further comment. Let’s try and follow this format.

Feature name

Feature description

Feature example

Required in regions

To set the momentum, listing some of feature request as heard from other community members. Please validate if these are generic or specific process followed in certain companies only.

Feature 1

Days in Payroll Month


30 days in payroll month, irrespective of actual no. of days as per gregorian calendar.


Though the base amount of Employee Salary will remain same, this will have impact on the Leave Without Pay calculation of an Employee. It will not be prorated based on actual months, but always consider 30 days in a month.


Heard in Qatar region. Does other region have same feature?

Feature 2

Yearly Leave Management

In ME, each migrant Employee is entitled for 30 days / 45 days (based on grade) of leaves in a year. Is it manageable using the current Leaving Type and Leave Allocation features in ERPNext? If not, what are the additional enhancements needed in the Leave and Payroll cycle?

Some examples on Payroll Calculation

Scenario 1:

If Employees takes HRA and transportation allowance (tracked in Employee master)
Then, final salary = 75% of Basic + Work Allowance

i.e HRA and Transportation should not be included for calculating final salary / Gross salary.

Scenario 2:

If Employee doesn’t take HRA and Transportation allowance
Then, final salary = 75% of Basic + HRA + Transportation + Work Allowance
i.e HRA and Transportation should be included for calculating final salary / Gross Salary.

Note: Please validate if these use-cases are generic or specific to some companies processes.

Feature 3

Additional fields in Employee master

What are the additional custom fields to be added to capture about Employee? Like some countries give IQAMA etc. What is general term for it? Please propose other such “generic only” fields.

Feature 4


What is standard process for Gratuity? We have introduced Gratuity for Indian customers though.

Please share your comments on the above and share new request. Later on, we can amend this post to update which requirements are validated and can be considered in the roadmap.

@GulfCyber @Saumyaseelan_Pv @CraftInteractive and other users / partners from ME region.


Dear Umair, Thank you for the initiation. Please find below some features requested by clients in UAE. Let us know if you need more information on the same.

Feature 1: Days in Payroll Month - We are usually taking the payment days as per the Gregorian calendar.

Feature 2: Yearly leave management - Using the earned leave feature, we are allocating the annual leaves automatically every month. Some companies will have 30 days calendar leave and some will have 22/25 working days leave or both.

Feature 3: Additional fields in employee master - Apart from the passport details in personal details, we require the Emirates id/Iqama details, Labour card details, Visa Details etc. Also for the WPS report, we require IBAN number, CBID code, WPS number etc in salary details.

Feature 4: Gratuity - In UAE, there are standard rules for the gratuity calculation. This will be based on the contract type and the separation method. You can check the below link for the calculation details.

Feature 5: Gratuity payable and leave salary payable - Every month, these payable accounts should be updated automatically upon the payroll submission. We are hoping that we will be able to achieve it through some formula in salary structure. If we can standardize this process, it will be helpful.

Feature 6: WPS Report - In UAE, the companies are required to generate WPS(Wages Protection System) report after the payroll submission. This has to be sent to the bank or to the exchange. WPS report should be able to download in SIF format and it should contain the employee details as well as the company details.

Feature 7: End of service document - It should contain the gratuity details, leave salary details and the pending salary details of the employee if it is not paid. It is a part of the employee separation process.

Feature 8: Salary calculation with two salary structure- If the salary got incremented in middle of the month, it should take the both salary structure and calculate the salary.


Thanks for the comprehensive list @Saumyaseelan_Pv. I would just add one more feature;

Feature 9: Annual Ticket - Monthly accrual for Airfare cost depending upon home country cost. This should include details of tickets availed/pending, reimbursed or lapsed. The un-availed tickets will also impact the end of service calculation. Provision for repatriation cost should also be considered.


Hello ERPNext Members,

You guys are doing awesome work. i have a suggestion for a feature.
Feature Name: Sales Incentive in Payroll / Salary Slip

Feature description

Calculate Sales Incentive/Sales Commission on monthly basis and add it in Salary Slip

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@seehive I assumed you’ve tons of suggestions and feedbacks for UAE payroll system.