Deprecating ERPNext mobile apps

We need flutter resources since the new app was being built on it.

Wouldn’t it be more powerful to create a Dart/Flutter SDK, where users easily can communicate with ERPNext? After that, there’s the possibility to further develop the app or create single apps for the different tasks, because not all functionality is relevant for a mobile app.

By the way: Im fully PRO mobile app and think there are many more opportunities concerning features and usability.



I can see the current Frappe Mobile Flutter app has a lot of features. I would say around 65% of ERPNext web features are already done in that App.

What are the missing features that still haven’t been developed yet?

I may hire a Flutter developer to develop the same.


@Alaa we can fund in togethr

There are many community members are ready to contribute fund to continue this development. 10 years I worked as a freelancer. I have good understanding to to get right freelancer and manage this development project. I can contribute my time to manage this project. How we can contact and discuss the things?

pls make a telegram group and we can start there…

Sure I will make and send you as soon as possible

Thank you @rioshaz for your advice.

Hi please join telegram group who are interested to help in development of erpnext mobile app. Link is as below

ERPNext mobile apps are built with Flutter.

Any developer with Flutter experience should be able to work on this project. If anyone from the community is interested in taking the development further, we are happy to provide any help.

You can DM me or anyone from Frappe team for more details.


We don’t need a copy of ERPNext as an android/IOS mobile app.

But we need a mobile app that works offline to perform certain tasks, integrated with ERPNext.

There are tasks that must be performed but the external vendor may not have access to the internet.

Also working on the mobile interface making it easier and more usual.

Depreciating the only mobile app for ERPNext is problematic because, although the web views are mobile friendly, Frappe’s policy is to not support Mobile Safari-specific issues, the only mobile browser on iOS devices, so there is no assurance that browser-specific issues will be resolved. I think the effort that was taken for a mobile app could be better-used in supporting browser-specific, and felt it would be worth raising to the community.

It works mostly fine on iOS devices. The problem with iOS Safari isn’t us; it’s Apple that doesn’t allow any other browser and forces their user to use their outdated browser engine.



Events streaming

Web is becoming more feature-rich and stable day by day. Most of the concerns of the clients could be settled with modern Browser APIs and PWA Apps.

  • Web can offer offline mode with Service Workers and Dynamic Cache
  • Web can communicate with barcode scanners and portable printers using Bluetooth 4 API and USB API (We can even use a printer with serial port using Serial Interface API)
  • Web can send push notifications directly to the mobile OS
  • Time and cost of development is greatly reduced as single codebase can be used on all platforms

Apple is a shitty company with wicked business practices, we can’t work with a company which doesn’t respect its customers’ freedom. We should suggest our business clients to switch to Chrome browser on Android devices.