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Demand Driven MRP - Revolutionary approach to planning- custom app under development

currently I worked on this app alone, even though progress made day by day, it is still a long way to go to make it ready to be released as public app. so be patient again.


Whoa! This looks neat. But let’s also ask the DDMRP SME @deepaknagar: What do you think?

It’s hard to be patient when you are doing such awesome work in an incredible area. :slight_smile:



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Hi @szufisher

Trust all is well.

These screenshots increase the curiosity levels. How is the application coming through?

Thanks for your interest, for our internal project, we got to integrate DDMRP with SAP which makes this project more difficult.

if there is interest from community member, maybe we can test feature without SAP interface.

Yes. We are looking for DDMRP working on ERPNext itself.

@szufisher I am also interested, How I can test it?

@szufisher This looks great. We will be happy to test it.