Delivery preparation


Before sending the goods out, we need to prepare the sales order before delivering them. And we’d like to keep track of what has been prepared and what we need to. So, I’m looking for something BEFORE making a Delivery note that could tell me “ok, this SO is ready to be delivery and this one needs preparation”. Could you give me a hint on how to handle that?

Thank you!


You can go with ‘Workflow’ if it fulfil your functionality. You can put State , Actions etc.

One Example of ‘Workflow’ for that click on following URL

I believe the right way to do it is using the packing slips. You make packing slips against sales orders and packing slips must have different status.

What’s your exact work flow?

First, thanks for your answer.

Context: we are a brewery and we sell directly.

Our expected workflow is the following

  • A customer calls to book a few bottles : we make a SO [currently implemented]
  • Someone pick the SO and prepare the order (with or without a packaging. There’s no packaging for kegs, for example). He/she should note somewhere the order is ready [we are missing this step]
  • Once the customer picks it, we make a DN [currently implemented]

So basically, we are missing step 2 and atm issuing a DN when we prepare the order, which is bad since we don’t know if the customer already picked it or not.


@neilLasrado any hint about that? thanks!

In ERPNext’s implementation, for creating a packing slip, you need to create a DN in draft mode.