Delete Company Transactions does not deleting old invoice logs

I deleted all company transactions and started creating new SO, Delivery Notes and Invoices…
But the log showing old records
please see the image

Seems like logs are not getting deleted on company transaction deletion. You have to delete it explicitly from the database. Or if there is no data required from server best way is to reinstall the site. It will flush all your old database records.

if I create a new site how I can keep the custom fields print formats etc?

Also I have found one another issue. The valuation method before company clear is FIFO (on 2017 - that time in UAE there were not 5% tax) and I changed to Moving Average. Now items created with FIFO showing on Gross Profit; on the Average Buying with 5% Tax.

Is there is a way to solve it? or find and delete all 2017 data from the database? or create a new site start export and import again?

Don’t create new-site just reinstall it or delete logs from the database.

You mean bench reinstall command?

Yes. But it will flush all your records.

I have this January data… can you help me with deleting 2017 logs from database?


It is possible to delete logs (Versions) from UI side also. You can delete unnecessary version from it.

Go to Setup > Version and delete it.