Default income Account per invoice basis

As per the current scenario the default income account can be set to per item or item group basis or it be set as a default one.
But I want to set income account on the fly, i.e. during sales invoice creation we can select the income account from a drop-down. It will give me a flexibility to change the income account as per my sales invoice.

I appreciate your help. Thanks

Click to go to Item Details and go to accounting section to change the Invoice Account

Thanks for taking time and reply. But If I got 4-5 items in the invoice then it can be tedious to do this for every row. Is there any workaround?


If you have default Income Account for the Company, then you can define Default Receivable Account in the Company master itself. On saving Sales Invoice, Income Account will be fetched from Company master.

Account > Company > Select your Company

Thanks again for taking and reply. But that will not solve my purpose. Maybe I didn’t explain properly in the first case.
Let me explain more clear here.
My accounting ledger will look somewhat like this.

-Sales @5% Vat
-Sales @4% Vat
-Sales @3% Vat
-Sales @2% Vat


I want to select these ledger during invoice creation. For some customer I charge 5% vat and for some I charge 2% charge and so on.
So, is there any chance where I can select the ledge during invoicing? My main moto here is selecting the ledger during new invoice creation. Can it be done with custom scripts or customizing fields or any other way?

You can use Tax Rule feature to define Tax master for each Customer. To learn more, check following help video.

I am not concerned about the taxes. It is just that I am concerned about the sales impact. In which ledger account my sale will be impacted. And I don’t want that to be a constant. I want that as an option during invoice creation.

You can define default Income Account for an Item in the Item master as well. In the Sales INvoice, income account will be fetched from relevant Item master.

Thank you umair for going out of the way to help me. But I already mentioned in the first post that I know about this. My income account is not item specific instead it’s customer specific or you can say invoice specific.

Is there a possibility where suppose I choose the income account for the first item while invoicing. And automatically that gets selected for all the items added in that invoice later?

Here I just setup the income account as New Sales.

I just want that New Sales automatically get selected as soon as I add new products in that invoice. Is that a possibility? Can you suggest any other workaround?

This feature is not configurable for now. Perhaps you could achieve it with Custom Scripting. For there reference, you can Stock Entry. Source and Target Warehouse selected above Item table get’s updated for all the items selected inside Item table. If you have expertise in Java Script, you can try to customize by writing a Custom Script in your ERPNext account. If now, you can sign up with one the community member to get it customized in your account.

Hi Umair,

Just wanted to know if this feature is added, If not how we can proceed with customization.