Debit and Credit not equal for Payment Entry on ERPNext version 13.10.0

I am on ERPNext v13.10.0 and when I try to make a ‘Payment Entry’ of type ‘Pay’ I am getting the following error.

" Debit and Credit not equal for Payment Entry #ACC-PAY-2021-00330. Difference is -10000.0."

I am trying to make a payment to an employee as an advance.
Payment entry details are:

  • Type : Pay
  • Party type : Employee
  • Account Paid from: Cash
  • Account Paid to: Salary Advance (A receivable type account)
  • Paid Amount : 5000

Currency: LKR ( using single currency)

Solutions tried:

I’d really appreciate your help resolving this issue! Thanks!

do you have a (-) in your amounts ?

No It is a + amount.

Are you using the HR and Payroll modules within erpnext by any chance ?

I am using HR module for registering employees in order for me to make salary advances through payment entries.

I am not using payroll module yet.

I had the same issue before. Whatever the amount you paid, it doubles the difference and it is in negative value. I resolve the issue by performing force reinstall:

bench --site [sitename] --force reinstall

This will reinstall your erpnext and will delete the database, so it is best to make a backup of your erpnext version and its database first just in case.

I hope this will help resolve your concern.

Thanks for the reply! This is a production site and even if I reinstall, I will have to restore the database. Once, DB is restored, the purpose of resintall is lost.

Anyone from ERPNext can help us resolve the issue?