DE-de translation - German/Deutsch - for interface and manual

Hi all,

specially all German speaking people as this is the thread to discuss anything related to the
german (DE-de) translation of ERPnext itself as well as it´s manual.
Please feel free to take part…

by translating the ERPnext interface…

or by forking the erpnext Repo from Github to join for keeping up with the manual.

You are also invited to post any faulty translations wether in the manual or within the interface of ERPnext
the community will appreciate it.

Thank you


… first of all a very big thank you @MartinEnder and @CWTGMBH for their enormous effort regarding
the translation of ERPnext and its manual so far.
This is a phantastic foundation and most appreciated!

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Tank you very much for translating the manual, this is great support! Is it possible to get a version for print as I need to give my employees something in hand?

@Nat time to bring your employees to the 21st century and save some :evergreen_tree: :wink:

@rmehta love your reply! Isn’t ERPNext about bringing ERP into the 21st century at last?

I totally agree with @Nat, I also would like to have a printed manual.

@rmehta and @dominik: Giving somebody a printed manual actually is a way to bring somebody to the 21st century! You give them the possibility to learn something new in a way they’re used to.

And besides that: Although an online manual is great, a printed manual has totally its benefits! Just have a look at this video from IKEA: :wink:

Why not, if you want we can set up a printed manual in German. If you want you can let me know how many everybody needs and we can print them all at once to save some money? If there is enough people that would work. Of course if we need 5 manuals that idea is dead.

I liked the video (although I am voting for not cutting down the trees).

Ich habe einen Übersetzungsfehler in ERPNext gefunden. Da ich aber nicht weiss, wie man das verbessert, hoffe ich auf eure Hilfe :smile:

Den Fehler fand ich bei der Workflow-Erstellung, bei der “State” mit “Bundesland/Kanton” statt mit “Status” übersetzt wurde.

Ich könnte mir vorstellen, dass dieser Fehler sich auch an anderen Orten eingeschlichen hat. Schliesslich kommt es auf den Kontext an, was stimmt.

Hey, do you guys also have untranslated strings in ERPnext still?

I have strings that are translated in but are not translated in my latest version ERPnext…

is near 3 month they stop update translation they dont care

Hello I am new.

There is some error when clicking on translating German on

Can somebody fix this?

This is fixed now, also mind this issue:

I will also work on translations now, since Rushabh promised to update the translations in every minor release.