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Days before in Notification email alert



Hello everyone,
I am using Days before and want to send mail before next contact date. Please help me with that. I am not getting any mail.

Thanks in advance.


Hello @Saditi,

I’m using payment reminder notification on Sales Invoice doctype.

Below is the screenshot for your reference.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for replying @Sujay, Are you receiving mails?


If you are not receiving emails, you may want to check a few things

  1. Run bench doctor on frappe-bench folder, see if the scheduler is active
  2. If the Scheduler is not active, run the following command bench --site all enable-scheduler
  3. bench restart
    Also I am assuming the emails are configured correctly


Hi @Manan_Shah , But when I was selecting send alert on: save , I was receiving mails.
So I think scheduler is working.


Yes, here is the result.


Hi @Sujay ,
I tried but it didn’t worked.