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Date equals 'Today' filter for Daily Reports



Could we have an option for ‘Date = Today’ in filters? The idea is that the date in such a filter would always automatically update to the current date. This way, daily reports (e.g. Daily Sales Register) can easily be created with the report builder by adding such a filter



use a default:


“fieldname”: “date”,
“default”: date.get_today()


Hi @max_morais_dmm

Thanks for your response but what I’m asking is for this to be a standard option in the filter when selecting a date field

I’m not sure how your suggested script fits into this



I agree. We run daily check deposits and we always have to filter to today’s date. Would be great if there was the option to have it always show “Today” whatever that is.


Hello Wale,
Have you found a way around this?


Hi @tiwiex

Nah, not yet

Kind regards,


@wale i think you’ve to create a query report for this.