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Datatable dynamicRowHeight

Hi !

I’m trying to customize a report using datatable wherein cells can have different heights
I’ve declared the table with dynamicRowHeight on and disabled cellHeight as followed

get_datatable_options(options) {
		delete options['cellHeight']
		// change datatable options
		return Object.assign(options, {
			dynamicRowHeight: true,
			checkboxColumn: true,

The result is not what i expected, as you can see in screenshot, all rows have the same height and some content is hidden

Here is a screenshot of full content (I forced the row height to show it)

Is this normal behaviour ? How could I get a dynamic row height depending on each row content ?

Thanks !

New info, I tested dynamicRowHeight in Frappe Datatable fiddle, and it works like a charm

so it looks like it’s an integration issue with Erpnext (maybe a conflict with former report js lib ?)

For now I added a css hack, but it’s not a long term solution
for those interested, here it is
.dt-row {
position: relative !important;
top: auto !important;

It does does nothing for the global report height though… and scrolling down long list is downright impossible.

If someone is struggling with this too, please come and share !

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Confirmed not working with latest V12.

I also ran into this same problem, could anyone give any advices on how to adjust the report table grid height to display all the contents? Thanks

what are the things i need to install to code?