Data Import Link

Is there a way I can add a link to the data import tool to the user desktop?

No official way to do this.

Here’s the unofficial way.

  1. Go to Data Import Tool
  2. Open your browser console
  3. Paste this code and hit Enter
frappe.add_to_desktop('Data Import Tool', 'DocType')


How does that work? I presume it is linked to a browser only? So if I log in on a different computer, or with a different browser it will be gone again? What about if a different user logs in on the same computer?

I actually only want it on one computer on one log in so this is perfect for our use. Just intrigued how it works

@Ron_Taylor: yes, this is a session-specific link that exists while you keep your browser session open. It will be gone if you log in from a different browser session or a different computer (this will not be available to a different user on the same computer).

If you need such a link permanently, you will have to do custom software development to customize your instance of ERPNext

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