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Dashboard issue heatmap in v9


Since the update to ERPNext v9, the dashboard heatmap no longer works properly. The last date is end of last month, i.e. the current month is not displayed.

In v9.0.8:

In v8.11.0:

Is this a known dependency issue?

[Improvement] Heatmap

Yes, we are experiencing this too. We thought our installation is the problem.


This was changed deliberately looking at the change logs. I personally prefer the original design but what you see in v9 is in fact correct.


If you notice, “Oct” (October) is not there, not in mine too including all transactions in the current month do not get displayed


Well that is a bug then i would say. Can you raise an issue on github pls ?


Actually I’m new & still playing around github, don’t really know how to
raise an issue yet :grinning:


Issue created:

In my opinion, the v8-style calendar was much more appealing… Is there a benefit to the “new” one?


For all who are interested, to revert your own fork to the “old” layout:

frappe\desk\page\activity\activity.js (line 189):
			discrete_domains: 1,
frappe\public\js\frappe\form\dashboard.js (line 343):
			discrete_domains: 1,

will revert (until we have some global switch implemented in the system :wink: ). Do not forget to run bench build afterwards. I still vote for having this as a checkbox in the system settings…


Hello @lasalesi

discrete_domains: 0 is the current situation at the above two mentioned files. And the heatmap still is not working. I checked this for erpnext 9.2.2 and for erpnext 10.1.4



Hi @bghayad

Once you have switched the files to discrete_domains: 1 you need to execute

$ bench build

Only this will update the actually loaded .js files and make the change effective. It works in both ERPNext v9 and 10:


Hello @lasalesi

It is already discrete_domains: 0 and not 1.



Hi @bghayad,

thanks, yes, you are right, discrete_domains: 0 gives continuous, discrete_domains: 1 gives each month as a distinct block.

Heat Map Not working on my system

Hello @lasalesi
Yes, I succeed to see each month by placing discrete_domains 1 and bench build. But I am not able to see the activities on the calendar. Are you able? If yes, can I know your timezone and your location that are selected in the system settings please?



Hi @bghayad,

you are absolutely right, it does not show the content… (same issue here)… might be an issue in this display form…?


The heatmap not working is this issue:

Should have been resolved some hours ago:


Hello @lasalesi
Did the heatmap worked with you?



Hi @bghayad,
unfortunately no, the proposed fix in develop (see above) did not work in my test environment (see my comment in the git issue). Hopefully, a fix comes at some point as this affects both heatmaps…


We have recently updated to version:
ERPNext: v10.1.13 (master)
Frappe Framework: v10.1.6 (master)

but still heat maps are not showing any attendance for students or employees


Any help or any update?


Hi @mtajammul,

so far it is the same here, the heatmap is still not marking activities. It is tracked in (altough that was orignially for a different issue, but contains the missing content of the heatmap).