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Customizing desk.html to create a fancy webpage

Hello everyone,

To Do: To create a customised html landing page from desk.html only (desk.html is present in frappe app).

Issues Faced: While customizing the desk.html in frappe app, my changes are reflected for only 2 seconds after which they disappear and frappe erpnext’s default desk.html page loads.

Tried Workaround 1:
Created a custom app only for design. Consider app name is DesignApp.
So, right now the DesignApp has empty css and js folder?

Help needed: After lot of trail and error, I am stuck in app_include_css, app_include_js as well as web_include_css and web_include_js files.

Includes in :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Q1: Which html file should I go to change it ?


include js, css files in header of desk.html

app_include_css = ["/assets/designapp/css/designapp.css"]

app_include_js = ["/assets/designapp/js/designapp.js"]


Q2. Which of these needs to be uncommented? And linking should be done where?

include js, css files in header of web template

web_include_css = “/assets/designapp/css/designapp.css”

web_include_js = “/assets/designapp/js/designapp.js”

include js in page

page_js = {“page” : “public/js/file.js”}

hooks: plays an important role ultimately.

Finally, Please do not advise me to use frappe erpnext’s website Page/ web form/web page.
I want to achieve this via coding in desk.html only
( Tried this:

to hide frappe desk page and display my custom webpage.
Problem faced here: landing page is empty but links are not working such as
"a href=“desk#Customer/List” is just showing reference link in url but not taking to the doctype.

Valuable Explanation required regarding:
After making custom app for UI/UX purposes, how and where to link it.
I have already referred the files of erpnext and frappe apps.

Thank you in advance.