Customize Point of Sales

hello, currently in the ERPNext POS, if we input item A 2 times, the item will double, for example :

1st input item A
2nd input item B
3nd input item A

the result is :

item A 2
item B 1

can i make customization so every item will mutually independent with other item even if it’s the exact same item? and also in every item can i add additional note or item that can add the value?

because the item is beverage, and every beverage has their own additional topping…

For example, i input 2 item A and 1 item B, what i want as a result is :

item A (add more sugar, NO ice)
item B (standard)
item A (NO sugar, No ice)


You can probably use variants for this

Where can i use Variant in ERPNext?

thanks! looking forward to try it!