Customize Form - "Cannot move row"

Hi guys,

I’m trying to customize the existing form “Sales Order”, and what I need is just swapping the row order for two fields but it gave me the message “Cannot move row”. Is there any limit in terms of changing the order of the fields?

Any help would be much appreciated.

@Rock_Lee try switching to developer mode.

thanks for helping. I tried adding “developer_mode”: true" to the “site_config.json” and restarting the docker containers, but it still gives the same error message.

It is by Design, you cannot move standard fields in Customize Form,

You can move only custom fields.

To move standard fields, you will have to edit doctype. But then updating and maintaining ERPNext and frappe becomes difficult.

Also set developer_mode: 1, not true.

Please use DocType Layout form to move the fields or hide and to customize the form

Whether doctype layout functionalities is bug free now, have u tried out !

As @mohitchechani mentioned, It is not available by design. If you force it you will run into issues with updating frappe/erpnext in the future.

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DocType Layout does work, although it has a number of issues and poor documentation.

Does anyone know if there is a way to keep the form script with a DocType Layout? E.g. if I create a new layout for Lead, I loose the “Create” button and “New Address/Contact” buttons. They should be available if I can just figure out a way to re-introduce the Lead script to the Lead Doctype Layout I created.

Any ideas?