Customer Statements

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Would it be possible to add statement report similar to this:

Our customers not very happy with what ERPNext can currently provide.

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Albertus Geyser

Not out of the box, but possible with little customization.

How could i get this implemented?

If you need to send this report to customers in Email you can write the code in your custom app. Infanct you can design your page in ERPNEXT if you know some coding.

Put up an issue with specifications for “Aging Report”.
It seems useful for many businesses.

Related Issue which shared Aging Report:

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Did add request Issue on Github:

Please show your support for this feature.

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Albertus Geyser

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Pretty sure I’ve seen a similar request before on here.
This is a standard report in many local accounting packages.

Try this custom app but it has our name on it if you don’t mind

bench get-app

bench --site [yoursite] install-app statement_of_account_aging

in awesome bar type “Climbforce General Ledger”

Note: PDF layout is bad, use PRINT instead.


Good Day

Thank You

Is this possible in ERPNext Cloud or how could I run this?

If You can run above command, then it works on cloud

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bench --site [yoursite] install-app climbforce

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for those looking for this feature , use this one instead
mine is no good beyond v10

Would be good to have Customer/Debtor statements as standard in the system.
One of the few packages seen/used that does not.