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Customer Statement


Is there any report to get the Customer Statement. Example : Customer A get a sales invoice and he paid that in 5 instalment. Before he pay the last part he requested a statement for all his transactions. That what I am after.



I think no, but you can make this using script report


Thanks Omar. I will try and create a custom Report and see if others want to use that too. Will update on the progress


Hi Sione,

You can actually get a statement of the customer by using the General Ledger and filtering based on

  1. Party Type = Customer
    2, Select your customer
  2. Select a date range that you want
    4,. And even a voucher number if you want to be more specific.

That should give you the statement for the customer. You can then simply send to PDF, Export or Print.

Hope this helps


This works but is very time consuming if you have hundreds of customers. Should be able to push a button and generate a customer statement for every customer. It should show their transactions for set time period (monthly for us) and then have option to print or email these directly to the customer. Transactions should consist of orders/dates plus payments/dates and then an outstanding balance total. This is pretty standard in most accounting softwares.