Customer Loyalty - Feature Request

I am now getting to the point of comfort with the Retail Point of Sale module (fingers crossed).

However all my customers have one big request - customer loyalty.

Customers should be able to earn loyalty points for every purchase and then redeem these points for payment for purchases later on if they wish.

For example say customer earns 2.5 points for every $100 worth of purchase.

Customer can then redeem each point earned for $1 during subsequent purchases.

ERPnext should have a setting for how many points is earned for each dollar spent and how much each point is worth.

The above is the basic need.

Other nice features could include

  1. Multiple loyalty levels (level 1 could earn 2.5 points for each $100 while level 2 earns 3.5 points etc)
  2. Authomatic upgrade to a higher level once a customer spends a specified amount within a specified period of time.

I am not a programmer so I have no idea how difficult or easy this could be, but I am willing to heavily support this feature for development.

@Pawan @rmehta @tundebabzy @Chude_Osiegbu I am intentionally drawing your attention to this post. please do not be upset, I feel it is quite an interesting need .



Might be a good idea to start a bounty for the feature and see if there are more takers for it.

you can use these apps as reference:


Thanks @Mohammed_Redha

have you tested any of these apps?

I wonder why none ever got merged to the core. ERPNext needs a loyalty module

Thanks for share :v: