Customer branch application

I have a requirement that I dont think erpnext does out of the box and was interested in some informed guidance. The requirement can be broken down as follows:

my customers have multiple sites and i want to give each site a label - having given each site a label i want to write an app that takes a site (uniquely referenced as a composite of the customer and site name) and prompts the user to:

  1. create an inventory of what equipment is held on the site
    …this inventory should reference stock items (and their varients) that we sell and be available to the support module to allow maintenance schedules to be defined
  2. create a list of site contacts (role, email, phone etc )

This is essentially a tool to allow us to maintain the customer’s equipment (by selling parts and services) on their multiple sites

perhaps this is a little ambitious for my first app so any constructive guidance appreciated!

First part can be done by creating warehouse for each site I think. For the contacts I would create a Customer Group for client, customer for site and contacts with respect to customer.

Hi TurkerTunali thank you for your insight - i really like the idea of setting up warehouses for customer sites and hadnt considered that. I still have a big concern that what im trying to do is not achievable out of the box and that trying to force a solution using out of the box capability (as you describe) will constrain the solution im trying to impliment

ERP Implementations usually like that. We need to bend the system a little bit but not too much to get the desired outcome.

I’m not sure that warehouses would be the right fit here. Anything in a warehouse will be considered an asset on your accounts, which I don’t believe is your intention. You could set item values to 0, I suppose, if you’re not involved in any buying/selling, but it still feels like a bit of a hack. The semantics of warehouses are pretty flexible, but they still assume fundamentally that everything in them is your property.

If it were me, I’d just create a new doctype called “Customer Location” (or whatever). From there, you could list contacts and equipment in a child table, or you could use the existing Contact/Serial No doctypes and link back to the Customer Location with a custom Link field. Either would work, depending on your broader desired workflow.

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