Custom script for taxable income

Hi Good Day how can i make a custom script for salary slip by creating a field name taxable income that is based only on earnings plus specific deductions like deduction 1 , deduction 2 deduction 3 is this possible? Thanks in advance kindly refer to the image below

You can use somthing like this code:

frappe.ui.form.on('Salary Slip', {
    validate: function(frm){

        var total_deduction = 0;
        $.each(frm.doc.deduction || [], function (i, d) {
            if (d.component in ('Deduction1','Deduction2','Deduction3') ) {
                total_deduction += flt(d.amount);

        frm.set_value('taxable_field', frm.gross_pay+total_deduction);


Edit field name

Okay Omar… i will try this later and il give ylu a feedback thank you soooool much for guidance and instruction.

Hi Sir do i miss something kindly check the screenshot below i try to create a custom script under salary slip and place your code. But it seems it doesnt work. My field type name under salary slip is taxable_incomes under Float type. Should i change something? Thank you.

child table name is deductions not deduction
component name is salary_component

I write test code, you need to check actual fields name

Okay im going to check it since this is my first time uaing custom script. Thanks again.