Custom Script: Counting visit linked to a project

Hello. In our company we are implementing this quality service department. We need a report to show us how many times a client has been visited.

I was thinking if there could be a script linked to communication.

When a communication is saved update a field in project named number-of-visits

Can you help me with an idea?

I will suggset you use Maintenance Visit for the visit report. To get the total count, in the Customer master, check Menu > Linked WIth.

Excuse me, I missed some information in my previous post.

Te quality service department are going to audit our services. We are an Architecture company.

One customer can have several projects.

Por each project, we have defined to visit a customer 3 times. Before project starts, during the project and after the project is finished.

I was checking and there is no link between Maintenance visit and projects.


Yes, there is no directly link. But to establish a link, you just need to insert a custom link field of Project in the Maintenance Visit. This this, you will able to check Maintenance Visit report from

Project > Menu > Links