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Custom Function in Custom Print format


Hi all ,
i create new new py file in frappe.utils and put my own functions
how can i call these functions in my custom print format because every time i call my function by

{{ frappe.utils.tafqeetNumbers(doc.base_paid_amount)}}

i got error

Please help
thanks in advance :frowning:


my friend this is jinja … you ether defined a jinja function trace where the functions defind or you can add a function inside the doc and get doc object call the function to be executed or make it property … or even make it a field if you want to catch in the object it’s up to you … i usually add my own jinja functions to frappe … last time did it was in version 8 as i remember it’s easy to do … try to extend it will be better


how to add my own jinja functions to frappe to make them reachable in jinja ??