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Custom Field Problem

Hi there;
Sorry for the question, I have checked the whole forum and could not find any solution.
Due to nature of business we prepare bunch of quotations which mostly get expired, total dead or to be revised later. I need an field to write down the brief summary of the works (not more than one sentence with few words like -maintenance works etc.-). Cost center is something good to perform this, but creating cost center for each quotation (before they got accepted by customer) is not a good idea for myself.
I tired to customize the quotation form where I added a text field below customer name (row #7 at attached pic), but I can not see it on the form to write down the brief summary. Can anybody explain where my mistake is?
Advance thanks for the replies.

browser refresh?

Try a reload. Also, may want to try small text will take up less space on form since you are intending to use few words.

Thank you guys.
I don’t know why but it did not work for 1 day, and day after started working.