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Custom endpoints inside redis conf files

How redis_cache.conf, redis_queue.conf, redis_socketio.conf should looks if I want to use redis endpoint from the remote server (redis ip address) or amazon elasticache redis instance endpoint.
I supose I need to have port and endpoint (bind)…but it doesn’t work with…

There is no bench command to update redis endpints like we have for database?

I can connect to my remote redis instance using redis-cli but from app not

Try this but without success


I know this is old but, I managed to use remote Redis servers on AWS (I think). By creating 3 Redis instances listening to ports (in my case) [11000,12000,13000]. You should also modify the common_site_config.json and add the Redis host (or endpoint). To verify it was working, I blocked traffic to my Redis nodes (remote), disabled the Redis service in the local production server and rebooted it. Next, I tested accessing the website, the web page didn’t load.
I then allowed access to my Redis nodes (remote) again from my production instance and the webpage started loading and working properly again.
What I need now is to formally confirm the function of the different Redis servers is being fulfilled.
If you need more details on how I managed to do this please contact me.

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Is it possible to reuse a single Redis instance but with 3 different “databases”? (I don’t know if there’s such concept, or even if it exists, supported by Frappe)

Hello did you manage to get a solution?