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Custom App Themes for Erpnext


@Randy_Lowery How about merge request your theme to main Frappe repo? :slight_smile:


@saba_ilex this might not be a good forum to SELL your theme.

You do know this is an open source forum right?

…On a lighter note…



Yes but… IMHO…And I don’t want to start a complicated conceptual discussion here… I personally think its great that developers can create revenue streams around an Open Source project. To me front end website themes would be a good non invasive revenue stream for frappe developers. The default theme is perfectly usable and good but if you want a shiny flash website that matches your company brand then a online shop that has a few you can choose from for money would be cool… Opps… I really don’t want to start an open source vs propriety discussion…



How far do you want to take this position?

…the current P&L and work flow is perfectly use able but if you want one structured for Schools you need to pay extra

Until you get to
…if you want to use ERPNEXT please pay for the license else excel is perfectly useable.

Point being if you believe you need to make extra money by contributing a little feature to a free product…what should the original designer of the whole product say??

…Argument started…if we accept your position the whole open source concept will break down.


Themes are beautiful!

Only if there was a way to install these themes easily like wordpress themes. Then the platform for themes will be available to all users. Any user who wants to install theme without setting up custom app can install. > app_include_css and “themefile.css” are the only things required?


Exactly !! Thank you @System19


And how much of this revenue stream are you willing to kick back to the original developers of the solution on which you are piggy backing on?

Am sure if they had the same mindset you would not have this opportunity

Warm Regards




My statement came with a lot of cravats that I couldn’t find time to type. One being that selling a theme does not exclude a dev giving code back to frappe core. Some people sell a service like client setup/consultancy… Others sell a service like making it look all pretty. Same same. :slight_smile:


I think this is a realisation we all need to come to individually… It took me a few years to really come to understand the true spirit of Open Source. Nothing wrong with selling services on top of Open Source because it is anyway needed to sustain growth of adoption. People will always need implementation partners for an ERP system no matter how simple it is and the core ERP team can’t possibly handle this alone. It is however very important for those of us who benefit from this to see it as an obligation to give back!

I believe that setting an individually pre-determined percentage of profits to give back will help a lot in this respect. It’s up to each person to decide what percentage works for them but set something definite or else you’ll end up doing nothing (even though you have good intentions)

Selling products (scripts, codes, themes etc) that could have been merged into the core product to enhance it is however a bit more tricky. Maybe we, as a community, with some direction from the foundation may need to find a way to compensate devs who put time into creating these kinds of enhancements while merging the product itself into the core. Maybe we could have some bounty-style system but post-development. Also, there would need to be some kind of structured framework for these kinds of contributions so that it doesn’t get too fragmented and we can get inputs from the core frappe team as well

@JayRam what do you think?



Great you know if there is a MINIMALIST theme ???


Is there any instructions shows how to install this?


the README files (which exist in most repositories on github) is the first location to look for instructions/manuals as they often are used for such.




this theme install with V11 ???


why not try it and then tell us all?