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Cursor Position not appearing while scrolling the link


I have a problem at one computer only (this problem is not appearing at other computer), the problem is:
When scrolling down and up using the keyboard arrow through the link (to select one of the items as an example), it is not appearing the cursor position (it is not showing which item I am selecting). What could be the reason?

In other words: while scrolling using the keyboard arrow within the link to select the item, the blue shade that should show the cursor position (which item is currently we are standing), is not appearing. What could be the reason?


This happens on one computer accessing the same ERPNext instance on a server that other computers access without the problem. Does the problem computer run a different OS or use a different browser than those without the problem? Have you tried different browsers on that computer?

Hello @smino
I tried another browser on the computer and the same problem.
Other computers are using the same OS and same browser. They are using Chrome browser (also I tried Mozilla browser on the computer that has the problem and the problem stayed appearing).

Appreciate any suggestion to resolve it.