Currency precision is not expected


i have setting Currency Precision to 4 in system settings:

and i have “5% Buying Commission” under “Taxes and Charges” in Sales Order, amount is showing in 4 digits precisions correctly.

we have “Taxes and Charges” in print format.

we expect $16,564.9250, but the output of “5% Buying Commission” is not in 4 precisions.

i do not have idea where we can solve this problem.

please advise.

I think .9250 and .925 is the same thing, have you tried with any other values like 100.2555? and see if it comes up in your print format?

thank you for your reply.

yes .9250 and .925 are the same thing but i do not understand why last zero is missed.

please see another example, i have tried as your suggest, .2555 is correct. please also see “Grand Total”, .3200 is also as my expect too!

both of “Taxes and Charges” and “Grand Total” are currency in 4 precision. why they are different?