Currency fetch is not working

Hello guys I download the ERPnext VM and make the bench update, but i have problems with currencies, it not fetch automatically the currencies I get the message “Unable to find exchange rate for USD to CLP for key date 2018-03-13. Please create a Currency Exchange record manually”, the server have internet access dns correctly but I can only get the rates manually witch is problematic, I review the manuals and videos but all the time say that this must be automatic any help to solve this will be appreciated

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I think auto fetching of currency rates in ERPNext happens from, if possible you could check if the currency conversion is available there, if not you would have to set it up manually in ERPNext

Hello Pawan, thanks for the response I was checking in but there is no list in the site only says that they have 170 currencies Im looking for Chilean peso to USD conversion, do you know any way to test this ?

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Hi the automatic exchange rate is not working anymore. I have the same error for USD to EUR conversion. It used to work, but not anymore since a couple of days.

Hi @Rudi_Meylemans

We have fixed this issue, can you pull latest update and check

Is indeed solved. Thanks.