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Cur_frm.dashboard.add_transactions doesn't work properly

When I try to add transaction to the dashboard of customer doctype with:

			'label': 'My Label',
			'items': [
				'My Doctype 1',
				'My Doctype 2',
				'My Doctype 3'

the new dashboard items will be present in cur_frm.dashboard.dashboard_data, the counting and everything else looks like pretty correct, but the items doesn’t show up on the dashboard!

Is this a known bug?

thx in advance for your replies!

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anyone have an idea?

I think the issue because the field name not equal the doctype name,
like my issue.
Itried to add this code

’fieldname’: ‘agent’,
‘items’: [
‘label’: ‘Item’,

but it does not work, then it has been solved by changing the field name to be the same of doctype name.