CSS Layout issues V5: Lists and Form customisation

Continuing the discussion from ERPNext V5 TableRow Css Issue on Firefox:

I get similar problems on Firefox (version 31.6.0) on Debian based KDE distro.


but this happens on both Firefox and Chrome (Version 41.0.2272.118):


I also posted this on GitHub as rquested.


@simondawson somehow we have never been able to replicate the list issue on linux

Can you see the DOM inspector and what is causing the line-height to go weird?

@rmehta - I’m having my front-end guy have a look through to see if we can identify the classes etc that are causing these problems. Will get back soon…

@rmehta - We have identified the two areas that have been causing the problems.

For the ‘Lists’ the problems was due to the checkboxes having a margin around them (7px). Set that to 0 and set the vertical-align to middle…and the problem is resolved.

For the ‘Form Customisation’ page the error is due to the DocType dropdown control (id = ul-id-11 ) and specifically the class ui-autocomplete. The current setting for position is absolute - it needs to be relative.

Hope that helps.

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@simondawson thanks! can you send a pull-request for the list view.

We are aware of the autocomplete bug, but not got time to fix it. Seems like a complex issue on first look.