Credit Note - JV posted but not reflecting in GST Reports

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After generating and posting a CN - JV (with requisite CGST and SGST tax breakups), the same is not appearing in GSTR - 1 Reports. What is the fix for this or workaround.

Note - The credit note was with respect to stock return by a customer which was purchased by him 7 months, the details of which are not present in ERPNext as the same is operational for past 2 months only. Also, you can not create a negative invoice for sales return as of now without giving reference to original invoice and the error of that Total of Invoice needs to be >= 0.00

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@rohanbhandari94 GSTR-1 Report reflects entries made through sales invoice only.

@rohit_w any thought?



We have fixed this issue with standalone debit and credit note, with this feature use can able to create credit note and debit note without reference and we’re releasing this feature in version 11.

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@rohit_w - Great. This is the feature I am looking for! Can you please tell when will V11 be available to ERPNext subscription users?


Mostly end of this month or first week of next month!

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