Credit Limit of Customer per Company

Hi, community! Just wanted to know your views on credit limit for customers. So, as we all know, Customers and Suppliers are available for all companies that we manage in the ERPNext account. Presently, the system allows us to enter a Credit Limit in the Customer master:

Should we also have credit limit/company in the Customer master? For example, if there are 3 companies A, B and C respectively, in my ERPNext account, the credit limit for Customer, “Aditya” should be entered for each company separately.(A,B,C), instead of just one record. Maybe, a child table? Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Or anyone has a workaround? Please let me know!


Hi Jai ,

The credit limit may vary for a customer for different companies of yours based on parameters which can be categorized as global (At Group Level and not individual selling company level) and at a selling company level

At group level - You may want to consider creditworthiness of customer , volume and value of business etc.

At individual selling company level the credit limit may vary typically product to product based on the working capital cycle of product line etc.

In any case , If your group (consisting of multiple companies) is dealing with customer you may want to visibility and control over total credit limit to customer at group level too which will be typically sum total of all above.

If you can provide more details of your specific scenario , i can attempt more clarity in my response